Workstation Assessment Solutions

Discover our flexible options for Workstation Assessments:

  1. Video Call Workstation Assessment & Report   

    Virtual convenience for assessments either at home or in the office. Our video call assessments can often be scheduled promptly upon request, either on the same day or as soon as you or your employee is available. These assessments are conducted by highly qualified and experienced DSE Assessors from our team. During the assessment, immediate adjustments will be suggested, and within 24 hours, a detailed written report will be provided, outlining short and long-term adjustments, including any necessary equipment change

  2. ONSITE Workstation Assessment & Report

    Face-to-face assessments available, either in-office or at home. This assessment is crucial for addressing the primary health risks associated with DSE work, encompassing musculoskeletal disorders, visual fatigue, and mental stress. This assessment not only identifies these concerns but also offers solution-based advice on avoidance, emphasising best practices for treatment and rehabilitation when needed. It comprehensively evaluates common issues like training requirements, workstation analysis, and the monitoring of user routines. Additionally, it delves into specific aspects such as the use of portable DSE, as well as working with input devices like a mouse, trackball, or other pointing devices, ensuring a holistic approach to promoting employee health and well-being in the digital work environment.

  3. Self Assessment Software Package

    Introducing our Self Assessment Software Package, empowering individuals to evaluate and optimize their own workstation setup. This user-friendly software guides users through a systematic assessment process, providing instant feedback and suggestions for adjustments. Enhance your digital work environment and well-being with this additional product.

  • Contact us for any additional information before making an online payment or to enquire about availability. If you require help choosing any equipment or courses on our site please book in a complimentary Video Call Advice & Recommendations and we will be happy to advise you, or call our helpline 0113 831 2107.

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