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The benefits of Study Box are;

  • Provides a mobile and flexible working area that does not take up room permanently.
  • Ergonomically designed to encourage good seated postures. 
  • You can work in the most comfortable and suitable place within their home, no more being stuck in a corner facing a wall.
  • It is the ideal solution when you or your employees feel they do not have space for a desk.
  • Under storage for CPU and/or documents with removable central shelf to provide various storage options.
  • Storage to the left and right for paper documents and stationary..
  • Internal cable management ports and desktop cable port so cables can be managed easily and effectively.
  • Available in two heights and meets DSE regulations in terms of the provision of suitable DSE equipment. Standard height 72cm, taller height 76cm. 
  • All Study Boxes are all delivered built and ready to use, so not flat pack!
  • Available on a 30 day trial, if you don’t think it’s suitable you can return it for a full refund.
  • Lifetime warranty, as long as you own it we will guarantee it.


  • Open side shelves if storage of taller paper documents is needed. 
  • Velcro straps to secure CPU's 

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The beauty of Study Box it is you can work where best suits you really comfortably and then put it away with everything tucked away inside. So really useful if you don’t have space for a desk or you now need an extra desk at home. Study Box is also perfect as a kids homework desk!

Complete with under desk storage that does not restrict legroom (central under shelf sides out if you want even more legroom) and cable management ports throughout. Easy glide castors enable you to move your Study Box easily. 

Study Box comes at a standard height of 72cm high, this is the height of a standard office desk. A taller 76cm high version is available for those who require a higher desk.

Desk size: Width 140cm, Depth 57cm, Standard Height 72cm or 76cm. (54cm wide /57cm deep when folded away)

Lead times: The majority of our products are dispatched next day. A delivery date will be confirmed with you on receipt of your order. 

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Study Box is made with 18mm Egger Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC). This is the same material that is used in the manufacture of office desks and other furniture, such as storage solution and kitchen cabinets and wardrobes you will find in your home. MFC has been thoroughly tested to ensure it safe to use within your home. Eurodekor Flammex E1 P2 CE | EGGER

Advantages of MFC

  • Optimal surface properties (such as abrasion and scratch resistance) in accordance with EN14322
  • Available in a wide range of colours 
  • Wipe clean
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

The Study Box Story

As a business we provide all manner of ergonomic equipment solutions, particularly ergonomic office chairs and desks. But any solution to enable people to work more comfortably and we spend a lot of time and care ensuring this is done successfully, every time. In 2011 I was asked by a school to create a desk that could be moved easily within the classroom and to other areas of the building when needed. Being used within a school the moving parts of the desk had to be completely safe and it had to be robust so that there was little risk of it being damaged. It took me a few weeks but I designed and made the first prototype for them, which I initially called Deskturn. This was a desk that could fold down small enough to fit comfortably through doorways that moved easily on easy-glide castors. The school were delighted with the product, as was I, and the first fully working Deskturn was delivered to the school a few weeks later. 

We did some market research and sold a few more into schools locally and had a patent granted in 2015 for the design. Since then we have been selling the product, now called Study Box, not only to schools but also to businesses as a spare hot desk and of course into homes,

The design has been improved a great deal over the last few years, including making two height options to help those a little taller to work more comfortably as well. Due to the pandemic we have seen an increase in demand for Study Box and due to this we made it available to order online for the first time in December 2020. 

All Study Boxes are manufactured locally in Manchester (UK) so that I can be fully involved in production and the quality of each product. I am very proud of Study Box as it solves so many different problems, particularly for people working from home, but also for schools and for businesses. We deliver every Study Box assembled, so no messing about with flat pack instructions, we all know how tricky they can be! We ensure every Study Box is put together exactly as it should be before being sent to you; once together it won't come apart easily, hence the lifetime guarantee; as long as you own it we will guarantee it. 

The Study Box story will continue and we hope very much you will part of it. 

Simon Revington, Managing Director and creator of Study Box