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The Axia 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 are also ideal laboratory chairs using the B mechanism. The rear seat movement, which is unique to the Axia, ensures the feet remain firmly planted when using the chair actively. Support will be maintained whilst using equipment such as a microscope and technicians will remain supported and safe in the chair as the lean back again. Available with ESD and anti-bacterial vinyl finishes. 

Axia 2.1 Ergonomic Office Chair

The Axia 2.1 offers all the adjustable features and pelvic support from the Axia chairs with a low backrest. With seat depth from 38cm-48cm and a low backrest the 2.2 and 2.3 is an ideal task chair for all in the office. All of the Axia chairs are very easy to adjust which also makes them ideal for hot desk areas.

Under 45kg please see the DSE Petite range of chairs, including Axia Petite 

The Axia 2.1 and 2.2 are both great chairs when freedom of movement is requited; such as laboratory work, health clinics and surgery's, high counter work and check in desks.

Height backrest cushion: 39 cm
Width backrest cushion: 45 cm
Thickness backrest cushion: 7 cm
Length standard A seat cushion: 47 cm
Width standard A seat cushion: 48 cm
Thickness standard A seat cushion: 6 cm       

XL Seat 47cm Long-49cm Wide-7cm Thick 

XXL Seat 51cm Long-49cm Wide-7cm Thick 

Other seat options including coccyx cut out.                                                                                                    

Seat height: 40 – 55 cm
Back height :17 – 23 cm
Seat depth: 38 – 48 cm 
Back angle: 15°
Seat angle:  +5° – _14°   

Backrest Options

Tempur Foam Back Cushion

Thickened 4cm Back Cushion

Lumbar Support Back Cushion

Lumbar Support x 2 Back Cushion 

Seat Cushion Options

Tempur Seat Cushion

Dacron Seat Cushion

Thickened 4cm Seat Cushion

Coccyx Seat Cushion

Other Options

XL Armrests, Black Leather Top

Decorative Stitching

Hard floor braked when unloaded castors

Hard floor braked when loaded castors

Carpet floor braked when loaded castors




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Navy Blue
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