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Online DSE Assessments & Training

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Manage your DSE Assessment and training obligations effectively with ErgoPro. 

ErgoPro Workstation Assesssment System

ErgoPro is an online workstation assessment system complete with administration, reporting and automated solutions.

ErgoPro automates many of the DSE assessment compliance tasks:

  • Training and assessment requests by email
  • Automated reminders to ensure a high level of staff compliance
  • Automatic follow-up documents sent to staff if their assessment indicates they need further training
  • Administrators are alerted if a high risk is identified or intervention required.
  • Full audit trail
  • Management reporting suite
  • Modules for:
    • Office DSE
    • Home working
    • Agile and remote working
    • Flexible working DSE
    • Welbeing and stress risk
    • Associated risks such as PAT testing and manual handling

Please contact us directly for further information and prices based on your specific needs.