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A DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessment should be provided to all employees who use a computer as part of their duties and this is law for companies with 5 or more employees. A DSE Assessment is a risk assessment to ensure the employee understands how to use their equipment and that the equipment provided can be used safely and comfortably; "the equipment" includes the environment they work in. We will happily provide these standard DSE Assessments for you and detail any adjustment that are required for each employee. Alternatively, we can provide you with a template and training so that you can carry out the assessments internally. It is important that a member or members of your team receive training so that the assessment can be reviewed and any adjustments can be provided effectively. We provide continued support post training and will advise you on any changes in legislation and also update you on the latest equipment and assistive technology. *It is also important that all employees understand their responsibilities with regards to their comfort and safety and who to report to should they need assistance. This information should be clearly detailed within your companies DSE policy and circulated to all staff members. Please contact us if you would like assistance with your DSE policy. 

A more thorough DSE Assessment, or workstation assessment, should be carried out if you or one of your employees are uncomfortable whilst using your computer equipment. Your assessor will provide you with advice to make adjustments immediately if possible and also provide you with a detailed report within 48 hours for your files. This report will list any adjustments that are required in both the short and long term, taking into account medical history, including any changes in equipment that are required. A quote will also be provided detailing equipment costs and if we are able to provide the recommended equipment for you. 

Whilst a 1-2-1 assessment with you at the desk is always preferable we realise that this is not always possible at the moment. Therefore we also offer video call assessments that can be provided quickly and effectively. This is now the most popular way to receive a workstation assessment and during the pandemic we have perfected our video call assessments to ensure the very best service possible. 

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Please contact us if you require any further information before paying the assessment fee online or if we would like to check our availability. 

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