About Us

Welcome to our online store; we hope you find everything you need to work comfortably. Whether you work at home, within an office, or you are an employer or employee, we are here to help. We believe movement is the key to preventing pain and boosting productivity when working at your desk. We can help you achieve this by providing you with the products that adjust to you and even move with you when you work.

Established in 2010, we have built our business and reputation by looking after companies and their employees very well. Our clients have historically enjoyed the face-to-face assessment service we provide to their employees to ensure they can work comfortably. Additionally, we offer online assessments for those who prefer or require a remote option. All of the products we recommend are available for purchase right here within our first DSE Store. You will find advice on each product to help you identify the most suitable options, and if you need any further advice, we will be happy to help.

As experts in ergonomic office seating and ergonomic equipment, we are used by companies of all sizes throughout the UK, including many of the country's largest employers. We like to build strong relationships with our clients so that we are on hand quickly when problems occur. However, we also enjoy working proactively to help improve overall standards and minimize risks. A DSE review is a great way of establishing exactly how we can best help you and your business.